Hybrid Solar Energy Pump

The Hybrid Solar Swimming Pool Pump works with 4 to 10 Solar Panels depending on the Solar Pump you require, filtering the water for at least 10 hours per day using the sun, but can also work after dark switching to normal power from the grid if you so require.
If the Solar Swimming Pool Pump is not connected to your electricity, it works totally independent keeping your pool water clean, saving you money compared to conventional Swimming Pool Pumps. It has been estimated that the pay back on electricity will pay for your Solar Swimming Pool Pump System in one and a half years.
We also have Hybrid Solar Irrigation Pumps for farmers, Solar Borehole Pumps, Solar Fountain Pumps for Hotels and Resorts, Solar Aeration Pumps for Fish and Prawn Farmers and many other applications.
Smart Technology. You can sit back and control your irrigation or the other applications from your Desktop or Smart Phone from anywhere in the world.( Flow rate, time, change settings and get your stats on performance and delivery.)